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Working To Create a Better Tomorrow

Our Story

Seventy-five million young women and men are unemployed, and we are on a mission to change that.   Entrepreneurs Across Borders (EAB) is a nonprofit organization based in the United States that is founded and operated by successful entrepreneurs who are committed to transforming lives in impoverished countries through economic self-sufficiency. With the help of other successful entrepreneurs and their contribution of time, talents, and treasures, we partner with emerging entrepreneurs in communities, and all over the world, to help them start and grow high impact organizations and companies that will create jobs, micro-enterprises, and develop talent to reach economic self-sufficiency. EAB also identifies programs that are effective at developing talent and connects these programs to experienced entrepreneurs and resources that can help the programs grow and prosper.  At EAB we believe entrepreneurs play a critical role in contributing to strong and stable communities, which is why we identify, curate, and connect emerging entrepreneurs with the resources and seasoned entrepreneurs they need to create jobs, sustainable livelihoods, and equitable growth.

What We Believe In
Thriving entrepreneurs have seen first-hand how creating and growing a business impacts both individual lives and the greater community, and more than anyone else, they understand how overcoming challenges to create a business from scratch can best be done with help from others who have faced these obstacles themselves. Most successful entrepreneurs want to give back, and guiding individuals who do not have the experience or access to resources to develop a sustainable business by sharing their entrepreneurial experience is the ideal way. However, even with good intentions, it is hard for successful entrepreneurs to cross borders and pick out the right opportunity for them to connect with an early stage entrepreneur who faces experience and resource disadvantage. Fortunately, EAB was created to build a bridge that connects emerging entrepreneurs with experienced entrepreneurs and help facilitate the exchange of valuable information and resources that serve to develop a successful business that will lead to economic self-sufficiency.
Founder Martin Babinec’s Statement

In retrospect, I can see how lucky I was, having the opportunity to start my first company, TriNet while living in the Silicon Valley area. Much has happened since. Growing the company and relocating back to my home region of Upstate New York were significant life events that also shaped my appreciation for how the Silicon Valley environment enables people to fulfill their dreams through entrepreneurship more so than any other place in the world. Over time, that lead me to launch several initiatives aimed at helping first-time entrepreneurs more easily connect with resources that can help them. Some of these include:

Upstate Venture Connect a nonprofit where I am Founder and Chairman

UNY50 a peer group of Upstate Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Leaders where I am Co-Founder

UpVentures Capital an investing in startup companies initiative where I am Managing Director

‍StartFast Venture Accelerator an emerging tech accelerator fund and program where I am Co- Founder and Chairman

So while each of these initiatives continues to develop, I’ve also had a stealth project in the background to take some of the lessons learned about connecting entrepreneurs and apply them in impoverished countries.

For reasons outlined in the Our Impact section of the website, I selected Jamaica as the place to develop in-country resources and begin building-related processes and infrastructure. We have a ways to go yet before the work there shows meaningful impact. However, already, the experience has shown that many aspects of connecting entrepreneurs in the U.S. can also apply in an underdeveloped country. The potential to have a tremendous impact on those living in disadvantaged circumstances is a powerful incentive to keep me plowing ahead. Looking beyond the pilot to someday expand to other countries makes this especially compelling. I am committed to staying on this journey and look to find other like-minded entrepreneurs who want to share in both the effort and intrinsic rewards of making a difference for people who are truly limited in their options available.