We are working to create a better tomorrow.

Why Jamaica

“Like many Americans, my first visit to Jamaica was as a tourist traveling with family to stay in one of the island’s many all-inclusive resorts. However, when traveling off the resort the presence of poverty was so visible it made us all think harder about not just our good fortune, but how we might make a difference in bringing about some change in this country. This eye-opening experience in Jamaica left me with indelible impressions that became the seed for starting efforts that eventually lead to launching EAB.” - Founder Martin Babinec on why Jamaica is the ideal pilot country.

Our Work
EAB is currently working side-by-side with civil society, private sector, academia, and international development partners to accomplish Jamaica’s poverty reduction efforts by using the following key initiatives:
  • Develop a Sustainable Village founded on the theme of economic self-sufficiency
  • Improve Educational and Vocational Training
  • Support Micro & Small Enterprise
  • Scale high impact entrepreneurial organizations
  • Implement EAB’s Sustainable Agriculture Program
We have also started working on a one-on-one basis with emerging entrepreneurs in different areas of Jamaica.